The Slightest Little Thing is a Deed Well Done.  You’ve got to make things happen. 

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How many people have had what we call empty promises? 

People say ‘I’ll do this and I’ll do that’ but nothing ever happens. 

We hear all this talk about positive thinking, which I believe in. I always believe that what you think and what you manifest comes around. So if you put up negative thoughts then you will get negativity back. 

There is no good being positive if you’re not actually doing what you’re meant to be doing. People say that you can’t just hope to win the lottery, or we’d all be putting those positive thoughts out. It’s lovely to have that aspiration and positivity, but there is no good just sitting there waiting for it to happen. You’ve got to make things happen. 

This is the same about doing things, you walk past people who are homeless, and there are always charity functions going on so every little bit that we do helps. Every little thing to help someone, it’s all part of it. I would imagine that we have all been there, where someone we know needs that little bit of help. It could be the smallest thing, such as making a phone call, making them a cup of tea or just making sure that they’re ok. These could be the smallest things that lead to something really big. It could be that someone needs to move home and needs help to pack, or someone poorly needs to be taken to the hospital. 

There are so many things we can do. So it is best to act on them rather than just talking about it. 

Although we have faith, faith is nothing unless we act on it and do the deeds. That all helps. It helps the community, it helps society. By helping each other it makes it a happier, better place. No one is saying that we should go around interfering, getting involved in things that you’re not meant to. Just look out for those people who need that little bit of help. If there is someone that you haven’t seen for a few days that you know lives on their own, just to check on them, to make that phone call or that apple pie. 

How many of us have seen someone in the street and said ‘oh, I was meant to phone you, I will phone you and we will meet up’ and it never happens? Its acting on things that are important. There could be someone that is so lonely and needs to have that chat with you. We all get so caught up in our everyday lives, in our own little bubbles that we forget about how we can help others. 

As I say, it comes up with empty promises. So the slightest little thing is a deed well done. Every little deed builds up to the big ones. Because if one person has a lot of little deeds done to help them, then it all becomes one big support for them. So it doesn’t matter how small it is, it all helps and it makes us feel better because what goes around comes around. So it is no good just talking about it, we have to do it. We could be volunteering, helping in the charity shops, or buying something, it all adds up. So don’t have empty words or empty promises, act on it. Support your local charities, go to the fates, fairs, fundraisers. Even here at the Church. Everything adds up, and that’s how we help the world to go around. Just to show that we have got people at the top who might try to stop us, but us little people down at the bottom, we can make a difference. We know that with God, with our positive help and everything, may the strength of goodness keep going. 


This is a transcript of a Spiritual Address given by Pauline Wing during our Divine Service on 11th August 2019, at Thundersley Christian Spiritualist Church.

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