There Is No Door To Close – It is a Mass of Light and Energy that you can step into at any time.

Dear Friends, as we walk our pathways on Earth and Spiritual enlightenment. Spirit as ever walks by your side.  We do not worry what creed, colour, belief.  We bestow upon your mind, we do not question you abilities in life, what you’ve done, what you have.

For in Spirit’s eyes, you are a child of Spirit, you are a child of light, a light mind who seeks a pathway to understand what you need to learn, while you dwell on Mother Earth.  

And dear friends, during this pathway indeed as many of you have already found out, it will not be easy.  It is not because the spirit world want to test you, to judge you. It is just lessons we must learn while here.

And understand, dear fiend, we do not fail these lessons.  We are not questioned on them. The test is your own consciousness, your own wellbeing of mind, body and spirit.  You are the one who understands why, if and how.

We know so many people are now understanding Spirit and they seek the pathway to understand spirit stronger.    Maybe to walk the pathway for a better understanding of what spirit is, and they come to our centres and they ask ‘when will i develop, when will i have better understanding, when will that doorway be open for me?’

It makes me smile, dear friends, because there is no door. There is no door to close, for if we were to put a door way there we would be but a judge. It is a mass of light and energy that you can step in to at any time.  It is your own consciousness, your own belief that will guide you there. Indeed along the way Spirit in our centres and our churches will be there to guide you. Your development to serve on the platform, to heal, to teach, to learn, dear friends the most important lesson you will learn in your development is about yourself.  Who you truly are.

You are not just flesh and blood that is created to dwell upon this earth.  You are the soul within, you are an energy of the most loving power ever created.  You can enter the spiritual kingdom at any time. Some say ‘how can you do this?’ [there are] many mansions, many spheres, but never worry.  It is only yourself who will guide you where you need to be. It is not a maze, you will not get lost, you will only get found and find your true self.

Your loved ones here who dwell on this world, and the animals who you once had as pets will be there and will you meet up again.  Dear friends I believe you already know the answer. For they are already with you, they have never left.

It is the physical that goes, the Spirit has to move on to a new sphere.  But in time, sometimes a very short time, they will make their presence felt.  They will come back and annoy you, make you smile, make you cry and that is part of your development.  You see dear friends there is so much to the understanding of spirit. We are in the home of our dear beloved Jesus, a most wonderful channel, and it is footsteps you follow.  His teaching we listen to, his understandings we understand, and you will learn that each religion and belief indeed does hold a sphere of light that shines. It is just but the power of man that has made the sphere of light darker in his greed.  Greed for power, greed for energy.

We are all equal, there is no power. There is only the power of love.


This is a transcript of a Spiritual Address given by Phillip Rossell during our Divine Service on 5th August 2018, at Thundersley Christian Spiritualist Church.


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