Working with Spirit is a Communication of the Two Worlds; in Peace & Harmony.

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Earlier on as I was driving down to Church, and I drive all over the place; I watch everybody.  I love watching people’s reactions and what they do.

I’ve noticed these days there is a lack of communication within this world, people are always on their phones.  In the old days there was lots of communication, we sat down and actually talked to each other, but now days we don’t do that so much.

This is the case in the word of Spiritualism and the word of God at this time because in the presence of God we all love working with spirit, and we can all communicate with the spirit world in some way.  As we go back in to the world of spirit, so many people think that Spiritualism is all about telling you the future, whether or not you’re going to have a baby or get married. So many people ask those questions but spiritualism is not about that.

Spiritualism is about Learning,

Spiritualism is about learning, learning the truth about God and learning how to communicate with the spirit world.  When we go back even more in time, we go back before the bible, we go back to the Berean race where a lady called Helga actually saw a figure of a gentleman appear before her.  Her husband and her brother-in-law were at a Duel. Now this figure that she saw was actually her spirit guide and he told her to go and tell her brother, husband and brother-in-law not to fight, because there were other people ready to attack her and their race.

When she went to where they were fighting they actually believed what she saw and stopped the fighting.  Afterwards they went into the woods and found another tribe trying to attack them.

This is where spiritualism starts, trying to communicate with our guides.  Why do we have to communicate with our guides? People Ask. Because it is the way we can bring through the love of how people are.  With our loved ones in the spirit world, many people ask, are they out of pain? Have they still got the problem? They are out of pain, they don’t have the condition they had on the earth plane.

We all have Memories Stored in our Soul

When we are born into this world we are just a shell.  We take our very first breath. No-one remembers the very first breath that we take. As we go along in life we learn about things like money, life, the bible, school.  When we are ready to leave this world we cant take all these things that we’ve learnt because we have memories of people that we’ve met along our journey whether they have been bad, or good.  We all have memories stored in our soul. When we do leave this world, we don’t take our body to the world above. What we do take is our soul and if you look at our body it is just an overcoat.  The overcoat stays on the Earth plane, it is the soul that goes over, and that soul carries all the memories of the loved ones and the things we have left behind.

Spirit can’t control who actually comes through, unfortunately, sometimes spirit are coming through to apologise.  Spirit come through so you can recognise your loved one who is actually there around you in the spirit world. Their smell, the funny things they used to do, the laughter you used to have with them.  This is the real reason why spirit come through to us and they help us through our grief, through our journey in time.

Grief can take a very very long time to heal after losing one of your loved ones, but we have people around us who can help us.  Spirit is pure love and again we go back to the word of communication. We learn a lot from communication with God and spirit people that are all around us.  

You might regret that you didn’t say “I Love You”.

You have to be proud of who you are, don’t be afraid of the word of spirit, don’t be afraid of who you are, be proud of working with your spirit guides.  Where ever we are they is someone around looking after you, sending you that love you need.

We always have to take a chance on life because life is a great big journey.  Where we go in life no one knows. We don’t know what is going to happen the next day, we can just go all of a sudden.

The word of love comes through, always say it to your loved ones, because another day may never come, that last day you might see them and you might regret that you didn’t say “I Love You”.

Working with spirit is a communication of the two worlds, bring the two worlds together in peace and harmony.  Spirit don’t like the word of violence. The watch, and they learn, and they listen, they can not stop the violence that is going in within our world, but they do pray and hope that this violence does stop, wherever it may be.

Think of yourselves and think of what you can do to help other people.  

Be proud of who you are and be proud of other people because they are the one who help you in your life.


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  1. I sincerely hope and pray that more come to understand and accept the love and truth of Spirit communication. It has changed my life beyond my wildest expectations for good. Thanks to all the people both incarnate and discarnate who have help me to such understanding. Blessings.

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