Reaching the Other Side of Consciousness – Crossing the Stream.

This spiritual pathway of ours, it really challenges you.

I truly, truly understand how being tested feels.  Tested for my faith, for trust.

I remember having a dream once, years ago, and it was in black and white.  There I was standing on the shore’s edge, the water was very very shallow and ripples were just coming in and touching my feet, and I remember standing there.  I walked just slightly in to the water, then I woke up.

A little while later, I read a book and it said that each and every one of us have to cross the stream.   I didn’t know what it meant at the time, but I do now because I know I have reached the other side. I believe it is reaching the other side of consciousness, letting go of stuff that you have been through, and crossing that stream for a new beginning.

They are very clever Spirit, they guide us, but they never tell us why and we never really understand what is going on, but with hindsight you can really see.  Sometimes it bring me to tears, to be honest, when I look back and think ‘oh my God they have been there all the time and gently, lovingly, patiently put the opportunities before me’.  If I didn’t take it that time another opportunity came along again. Never never pushing or telling me off, just allowing me to do it when I was ready. I find that incredibly amazing and I know it not just for me the Spirit World work, they work for each and every one of us.

We have to be awake and aware to see that and understand it.  

Last year, in October, I retired from my full time job and I woke up on my first morning and I knew I had things to do in my home, but I also said to Spirit “Right, I am ready, I am here, I can work for you as much as you want”.

I completely ‘Spring Cleaned’ my home, although it was the middle of October when I left work, before I knew it, before I sorted out paperwork and finances etc, it was the beginning of December.  I thought, not much is going to happen now, coming up to Christmas, it’s not the right time to start. When I looked in my diary I have no bookings for any Churches, bar one and can you believe it, that day it snowed and the Church phoned me and said, sorry we won’t be opening.

I looked to the heavens and I thought this is meant to be.

They are just letting me have a rest to sort myself out completely.  So Christmas came and went, then January came. Sure enough, around the end of January opportunities started to come, doing healing and a couple of workshops, private readings.  Then a friend of mine said they were starting a trance circle and asked if I would like to join. I started off doing trance but then focused on the mediumship role. So I said “I will come to be the energy giver, the power house.”

So we started that and the very first evening we were all sat round and at the end of the evening she said she had a lovely meditation to do.  She put it on and it was a chap, the usual sort of stuff, he led us down the pathway, lovely sunny day etc and he said; ‘you can either keep on this straight path or you can turn off when ever you want.’  I went forward, then he led us to a clearing, then he said ‘there was a cliff edge right before you but there is a path going to you left, another to your right or you can jump.’.

Now, as I’ve said, I’ve been tested many many times, and I am fearless.  I welcome spiritual and growth challenges. So on the count of three I just jumped.  It was absolutely amazing. I felt as if, in my meditation I was flying. It sort of faded away and then the meditatio finished and my friend jumped up and said “I’m really sorry, that wasn’t the meditation we were meant to have.”  I looked at her and said “It was”, and I explained, again Spirit knew that I had to do all the things that I had to do and start that circle because that was the meditation where i was ready to jump again in to a new beginning, a new spiritual path, because now I am completely free to do as I choose.  Again, I was overwhelmed with emotion.. I thought they were truly clever and i am so grateful for everything they do for every body.

This is a transcript of a Spiritual Address given by Brenda Hodgson during our Divine Service on 4th February 2018, at Thundersley Christian Spiritualist Church.

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