Spirit Guided Automatic Writing

Automatic Writing is the result of Spirit Guides connecting with us and using our minds and bodies to relay their teachings, messages or philosophies. The Medium would go into a trance like state – the mind and body are being externally controlled by the Guides. Different to Inspired Writing – where you are given thoughts and feelings, inclinations to write particular things, but you will still have control of your mind and body – therefore the writings will look and sound like your own.

As Automatic Writing in done in a Trance State it allows the subject to take on a whole new personality – that of the connecting guide, who will use your hand to write in their own style – most people who have experienced it will have a very different style of writing to that that is produced during the Automatic Writing session.

Myra Basey gives us her experience of Automatic Writing below;

“I have been aware of spirit people from early childhood. Never questioning this as I thought everyone was the same. But I soon learnt that this wasn’t a subject to be openly discussed in front of everyone as I picked up on the reaction of some  adults !

I knew a lady who understood about spirit, and would pass comments of how spirit is around us. Her openness was very helpful and influential to me.

In my teenage years I found strangers would often talk to me about problems they had. I would offer advice, with absolutely no idea I was working clairvoyantly! – Many years later I realised that!

Moving forward to the Autumn of 1977 and the passing of Elvis Presley.

When he ‘contacted’ me, and as I never take anything at ‘face value’ it was agreed that evidence of his identity would be given to my Husband and I through totally independent mediums – all complete strangers to us.

This was done over time – in private sittings and messages in public.

I have everything documented as I had been told that I should write everything down.

I knew absolutely nothing at this time about physical mediumship – which this writing is, or the philosophy of Spiritualism. Although rather ‘mind-blowing’ I was intrigued!


At first we used a pencil and simple lines and drawings were done.

Progressing to just the use of the nib of a fountain pen and ink cartridge.

I use ordinary computer paper, and need a chair and table to sit at.

Working in full daylight or electric light – making everything as transparent as I possibly can.

There is another communicator who is my own guide.

Every word is separate, and all that is written makes complete sense.

The handwriting of my Guide, Elvis, and myself are 100% DIFFERENT.


I have only seen pictures of Elvis’s handwriting in magazines and papers, and to the best of my knowledge, only after he passed over.

The pictures look very much like the handwriting which comes through.

Obviously, I do not have anything to compare my Guide’s handwriting to! – I do always look for, and love ‘evidence’!!!

The purpose of this written contact is to offer some evidence of life after human death.

The best explanation I can give of ‘how’ the writing is done is limited as it is something I believe to be beyond our full human understanding

The simple facts appear to be, that using my mental energy to a very high level, and ‘linking’ – in a way I do not understand- my mind to the mind of the communicator the writing is produced.

AS I AM USING MY MIND AND ENERGY IN WAYS I DO NOT UNDERSTAND, I ask for full protection. (As in prayer).

Over the years I kept my physical mediumship (the writing) on a ‘low key’ basis.’  I did demonstrations of the writing in a physical mediumship circle I took,  plus traveling all over the Country serving Spiritualist Churches.

I was a Medium at the’ Spiritual Association of Great Britain’ in London for some years, at that time publishing items using the writing in the ‘Psychic News’ and other spiritual magazines.

Having also demonstrated the writing at the’ College of Psychic Studies’ in London.

Most recent demonstrations were in New York working intensively with the writing.

With so much experience behind me and having turned down offers to publish items in main stream magazines, etc. I have come to accept what I have always known! – that is the writing was not meant to be ‘hidden away’ –  I am a private person, and have always been wary of where this side of my work might take me!

Always having had great faith in those in the next world and not being let down, I will leave it to them to guide me – so, as the saying goes ‘Onwards and Upwards’!”

  • Myra Basey

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