An Easy Life Isn’t Always a Good Life

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Tonight, with the atmosphere here and all I have heard, I am thinking that we really do understand how important love is and the closeness of people, and the way we can help each other.  

We go through life living our own lives and we have many trials and tribulations, and being human we make many, many mistakes. But, you know, how we live our life and how we deal with these errors we make, if we learn by them then we have progressed.

And progression is what it’s all about.  This is why we’ve come to earth. We’ve come to experience all things on Earth and see how we deal with them, and progress, and it depends on how we deal with adversities that our progression is the greatest.

Everybody wants an easy life, but an easy life isn’t always a good life. So many people really do have such trials and tribulations, you often wonder why?  Why do some people have it so easy?  And other so Hard?

It’s all in God’s plan.  It’s all the paths that we have to tread, and the things that we have to come back to experience.  Many of us, we do look as the [Bible] reading said, to all our bodily needs.  To the comfort of a nice warm home, the comfort of warm clothing.  And we all like to look nice, we all wear nice clothes, but we think of these things and we live for these things, when truely we should be living for the progression of our souls.

How often do we think of our souls?  We don’t. We go through life just thinking about how we’re going to get through life, and what we are going to do, hoping that we maybe get the good things.  We don’t ever stop to think about our souls. Our soul really is the real you, our bodies are just so that we can transport the soul on Earth.  

People worry about how they look on the outside, do they really look at how they look on the inside, their soul.  It’s so easy, to not worry, to grab everything that you can and get everything that is good and comfortable in this life, as we do, and we sometimes bemoan our ‘lot’ as we’ve tried so hard and ‘nothing’s ever worked’ and nothing has come out the way we wanted it to come.  But it really isn’t important.  

The important thing in life is to love each other, to care for each other, to help those in need, to give a helping hand wherever you’ve seen somebody who really needs that hand.  

That, i think, is what life is all about.  To be here, to help one and other, and spread that love, because love is all important.  That feeling when you meet somebody and you really feel that closeness and that love coming from that person, and it is uplifting.  It might be that particular day you’ve been down, things haven’t gone your way and you are really quite miserable. But if you meet somebody who can give you that smile, and a kind word, extending that loving feeling it uplifts you and it gives you the courage to go on and keep trying.   

You know, God is always with you, he’s always there to help you.  When you are in need, never fear to go to God with your troubles, to go to him and ask him to help you.  Because you know, when you are children and everything goes wrong, you go to your parents.  You expect them to know all the answers and give you that help that you need.  Well God is our father, he loves all of us. We are all his children and we should go to him when we are in trouble, or in need, or even when we could see other people in trouble and in need.  Go to him and ask him for his help, and he always hears.

Sometimes you think he hasn’t heard, because things haven’t turned out the way you expected them to, but God will always give you what you need and what is good for you.  It isn’t always in the way that you feel it should be.  As time goes on and you grow older, and you look back over your life, how many times do you then realise why things happened, and you see the reason for them.  At the time you didnt, but in retrospect you see how God answered your prayers.

Well my friends, always remember that love is all important.  It is important in your lives, and in everybody’s lives.  If you can spread that love and that helping hand then you are doing God’s work, and you are doing what God wishes you to do.  That will be soul progress.

God Bless you my Friends.

This is a transcript of a Spiritual Address given by Daphne Marshall during our Divine Service on 4th February 2018, at Thundersley Christian Spiritualist Church.

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