Loved Ones Are Always Around Us.

We don’t always notice the little things that happen when it’s a loved one’s birthday, or passing, or celebration, you always hear that special song on the radio that you think is coincidence, or find that feather, or just feel that person around you.  

And that is Spirit coming close, so we know their love is always around us.  We are always in such a fast pace, we’re always on the move we don’t notice them. We don’t notice the trees, the animals, the birds.  We’re always too much in a rush.  

So we need to slow down and we need to trust more in what we feel inside, because inside of us is our spirit, and our connection to God and the Angels.  We know they work with us, I work with them all the time.  I can trust in my guides, sometimes I get it wrong but I do trust in my guides.

We do need to be more open, I feel, and I think technology is coming in too fast now, its taking away too much of the personal stuff.  People don’t communicate anymore; it’s texting “this, this and this” and even at shops: old people used to go to local shops and have a chat with the Butcher or Greengrocer; but now if it’s not someone on the till “beep beep” it’s the machines, so all that is gone. And there is no compassion anymore, no-one to have that communication with.

I think we need to rethink those things and start looking at nature more, and the animal kingdom who are teaching us how to love, because the animals are full of love.  They know when we’re not well, they’ll come and give us a little cuddle and they know when we’re coming home.  Even if we’re miles away they will wait at the door for us.

So they have a lot to teach us, they are basically Earth Angels here to teach us.  A lot us us don’t notice that, so we need to be more aware, I think.

I really enjoy working with Spirit, I love working with Spirit.  It’s a matter of ‘teaching’, we don’t teach the things our Grandfathers or Grandmothers taught us.  It’s such a fast moving society now that those things don’t seem important any more.

God Bless!

This is a transcript of a Spiritual address given by Peter Bristowe during our Divine Service on 28th January 2018, at Thundersley Christian Spiritualist Church.

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