The Lighter Side of the Spirit World

I sometimes receive requests to investigate unusual phenomena in people’s homes, this maybe is unusual for them but not so for me. What I have found lately is that the difference in energy between our world and the spirit world is making it easier for us to observe some forms of spirit. We live in a multidimensional world so it is quite possible either by design or accident for us to be able to see some forms of spirit. On this occasion, I was accompanied by a member of my circle, before we entered the house we try to gauge its energy as often when approaching their front door, the difference in energy will cause discomfort or headache. On this occasion, we both had a slight headache nothing major, we were welcomed into a warm and comfortable home and offered refreshments.

It was explained to us by the occupant of the house that slippers were disappearing also a feeling of a presence in the house. When attending a spiritualist church recently they were informed that was spirit activity in the house.

While sitting in the living room we became aware of a small child standing in the living room doorway, she appeared to be between 8 and 10 years old. The clothes she was wearing appeared quite normal and could have been worn by any child at any time in the last 20 years, she only seemed to be partially aware of us and my questions evoked no response from her. My ‘spirit’ lady who is always present during spirit communication whether we are in circle or investigating the spirit world came forward and asked the questions for me. We were unable to ascertain that much information, when she was asked why she was here she responded with mummy, when we asked her where she thought her mummy
was she did not know. She did tell as that she did not like one of her grandmother’s and she was comfortable in this house because one of the occupants closely resembled her other grandmother whom she did like. At this juncture, my lady took over and decided it was time for the child to move on to a safe place in the spirit world and she was able to persuade her to go with her.

Over the years when investigating spirit phenomena, I have found that staircases landings and hallways provide a junction with the spirit world, I don’t understand this but have often found spirit in hallways or landings. On this occasion while standing in the hallway a gentleman walked down the stairs, he was heavily built appeared to be in his late 60s or early 70s and was quite comfortable there. He seemed attached to the house and the occupant in some way although he wasn’t relation.
He had a greter awareness of us than the child did and would not acknowledge that he was in spirit, he stubbornly refused to accept that it was time for him to move on.

He did not appear to acknowledge my spirit lady’s presence and would not accept our explanations. My spirit lady is highly inventive and imaginative, and after a short time a coach appeared which was full of people laughing and joking and calling him by name. We asked him if he would like to go out for the day indicating that some of his friends were on the coach.

It took us a while to persuade him to get in the coach and when he did walk down the aisle he saw very many familiar faces.
What surprised us more than anything was one of his comments “I’m not talking to you, your all dead!” After a great deal of laughter and amusement he was persuaded to go on a journey with them and as far as I’m aware he has not returned.

I do not charge to assist the spirit world in moving people on, I do accept donations towards my travelling costs.

Richard Baldwin