Spiritual Places: Tintagel, Cornwall, England.

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Tintagel, Cornwall, England.

If you are looking for a trip that is surrounded by legend, you should look no further than Tintagel in Cornwall; home of the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. This village is a hugely popular destination and has breath-taking scenery too.

According to legend, King Arthur was born and raised in Tintagel castle.

However according to one legend, Arthur was born under rather strange circumstances. “Historia Regum Britanniae”, written in 1136 by Geoffrey of Monmouth, claims that Gorlois (the Duke of Cornwall) had to go to war and so left his wife Igraine in the Castle of Tintagel to keep her safe until his return. However, Merlin used his magic to disguise Uther Pendragon as Gorlois so he could enter the castle unquestioned. Uther (still disguised as Gorlois) impregnated Igraine and Arthur was born, with no-one any the wiser as to his true heritage. Arthur then went on to become King of Camelot, although this particular version of events doesn’t tell us how that happened when he wasn’t born to a king or queen….

More recently, the legend of Merlin and Arthur has been told in a TV series by the BBC, simply titled “Merlin” (or sometimes referred to as “The Adventures of Merlin”). Through five series, the program follows the young Merlin and Arthur from the first time they met until Arthur’s untimely death on the battlefield, having been King of Camelot for a very short time. Included in the program are many legends including the last dragon, Merlin the last Dragon-Lord, Arthur’s bane, Mordred, Morgana, the deaths of Igraine (Arthur’s mother) and Uther (Arthur’s father) and many other legends, myths and mystical creatures.

Cornwall itself is well worth a short break or full holiday as there is so much to explore. Click the link below to find out more: