Talking to One’s Self and Finding a Spiritual Pathway.

Do you ever find yourself talking to yourself?

Hands up those who admit to it…

Thank God it’s not just me, no we are not mad… we are just talking to your inner self. It’s the same as talking to spirit or talking to God in prayer. Have you ever asked yourself ‘Why am I here in this life?‘?

Why am I here today? – By invitation of your ‘Medium Secretary’. We sometimes take them for granted for if they did not serve then there would be no service for you to come to.

Of course it’s my spiritual journey as a medium in being of service.

But how did that journey come about?

Unbeknown to me at an early age other past members of my family were also mediumistic. Through the separation of my siblings I did not come to know that until many years later. So family history played its part / It’s in my genes and I don’t just mean my Levi’s!

As a small child I could see spirit people

In the 1940’s… yes I’m that old- no electric light – candles to go to bed – old Mr. Shadow made Shadows appear on the wall – spirit as well – they came, not to frighten me – the war was on… They were my Guardian Angel’s coming to comfort me, of course I was too young to understand that.

Then as I got older I worked hard in many circles to develop these gifts over many years.

Then I suppose we come to – ‘Why did I follow this path?’

To serve others, which has become important to me – teachingseeking– and the thirst to find the truth.

Passing on that which I had learned. It would be a selfish act to learn and keep it to ones self and rather pointless learning in the first place without an onward journey. Not just communicating and proving survival of this life as a medium. But particularly through healing – drawing in the energy and, passing it through my hands on to others.

Sometimes people are terminally ill- maybe no cure – giving a listening ear (transferring love) – understanding – positive thinking, to help them with this life and maybe to prepare them for their onward journey to spirit.

And then maybe officiate at their funeral – the last service that one can do for another. It’s wonderful to serve in this way and an honour to be invited to act for them in this way at the passing of their days.

So whatever journey each of you are upon…

Is it rewarding to you?

Helping others – it’s a wonderful gift, its the gift of love, and it’s free. It’s your time that you will give.

Think about it.  Is being a spiritualist just about coming to church to get a message or is there something more to gain through being here within these walls?

A church is just bricks and mortar – it’s the people that make it worth coming along.

There is so much to learn from one another, found inside the Church doors and it opens up new pathways to spirit. It’s rather like another family and for some, the only one they have in the world or the only people in their lives.

  • An Address given by Bill Lee – Medium and teacher of the spiritual.

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