Trance Healing

Trance Healing

Experimental Evening of Trance Healing


I have always been interested in healing, as a child, I experienced dreams that later in life I came to understand and recognise as healing on the astral plane.

A reoccurring dream from my childhood was being taken to see people in hospital; those taking me asked me to put my hands on the people lying there.

Often I would float up so that I could reach them; these where my earliest spiritual dreams.

I also saw spirit faces on walls, carpets, and doors; these would smile at me or sometimes make faces at me.

In 1981, I went to see a healer called Leo Bias; I visited him on a regular basis for 18 months. It was established clairvoyantly, that I had healing and mediumistic gifts.

From that time on, I have sought to use these gifts for the benefit of humanity.

I run two teaching circles and on our Monday night meeting, we experimented with Trance work. For those of you who do not have knowledge of this, it is an altered state of consciousness, which allows our spiritual inspirers to overshadow us with their personality in varying degrees of awareness. Often this is shared and although you are aware of what you are saying, you have no desire to change the content.

Within our circle, we found that a spirit doctor wished to work through me and would sometimes give a running commentary on the healing taking place. We had varying degrees of success with this work and then moved on to other forms of spirit communication.

Trance Healing with Richard Baldwin

Many years ago, I received an invitation from local medium Pat Harrison to give a demonstration of trance healing in the Pyramid Centre Basildon (now closed, nothing to do with me!), that night spirit doctors overshadowed me, gave healing, and communicated to the audience.

The evening was deemed a success, and the spirit world has encouraged me to continue experimenting with trance healing.

I make no claims about the healing, or promise that anybody will be cured, I only know that spirit come with love and work for your highest and greatest good.

I quote my first teacher Leo Bias when I say, “everybody can be helped but not everybody can be cured”. My understanding is that as individuals, we have responsibility for our own health, and to seek medical attention whenever we think it is needed. Our doctors can also be spiritually inspired but rarely seem aware of it.

It would be of great help, that while I am in trance any movement other than of those coming forward to receive healing is kept to a minimum; this will help maintain the healing vibration built up in the room.

Loud noises and disturbances can have a detrimental effect on anybody in trance and could have serious consequences for the health of the medium.

It is essential to keep an open mind about what you are witnessing, send out your love and support to those who have asked for help.

Guests sitting in the front rows may find themselves feeling sleepy or very relaxed whilst the demonstration is taking place, this is quite normal.

  • Spirit Medium Richard Baldwin – Speaking about a planned ‘Evening of Trance Healing’


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  1. Paulette Harding | May 8, 2018 at 5:50 am | Reply

    I was lucky enough to see Shelia French last year and was amazed at her trance work and healing. When I sat in a development circle some years ago, I went into trance myself, and it was a strange experience rather like going to sleep. I remember feeling a tap on my shoulder and I didn’t remember anything that happened, but was told about it after. Spirit are amazing and I know they help us as much as they are able, I have no doubts. Thankyou for lovely site.

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