Super Blue Blood Moon

On 31st January 2018 we witnessed a rare occurrence from Earth, a Super Blue Blood Moon!

The moon’s spherical orbit bring it closer to earth (Super), just as the dates fall in such a way to allow two full moons in the same month (Blue), and a Luna eclipse occurring as the Earth’s shadow falls across the moon turning it a rusty colour (Blood).

For those of us who look outwards in awe at what existed before humans, it was a special event.

But unfortunately from the UK we didn’t get the entire experience.   Although we knew much about it from the News, the Luna eclipse was not visible from our part of the world.  We had no red colour.

It was still a magnificent sight but it’s a striking metaphor for Perspective.  

Lessons in Perspective

The same date, the same moon. But by changing just the place from which it is being seen from, two people perceive the event very differently.

It’s also true in many life events. No two people experience an event through the same eyes and while we might think that we can emphasise with others, we may not experience/know all the factors that led to them having a different perspective to us.

In some cases this might test our tolerance of others, feeling a lack of understanding as to why others behave / feel differently to ourselves can cause tensions and negativity. But we can actually benefit from someone’s differing insight on a situation, if we just stop and reflect on what might have brought them to the point they are at we can allowing a better understanding of the whole – a sense of compassion to another in their own life event.

Just as someone who experienced the Luna eclipse could add to my Super Blue Blood Moon understanding, simply by sharing theirs!

Mathematical Significance

The occurrence of this sequence of events is both mathematically inevitable and statistically unlikely.  

The language of numbers permeates the universe providing one certainty that we can rely on.

As the universe moves from order to chaos; it’s multiple repetitive cycles play out every eventuality until all that can ever be – has been and gone.  Today’s events may be just a tiny spec in the entire history of existence but from our individual perspective it has greater significance and represents a large portion of the history that we witness.

We can’t control all events but we can absorb those that happen, being thankful for how the numbers fall and knowing that our life and how we experience it, is a unique record from our perspective that not one else will ever truly understand.

Did you capture any photos of the Super Blue Blood Moon? Post them in the comments below.

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