An Angel’s Message – Poem by Brenda Hodgson

An Angels Message

I’ve been waiting for the moment
When the timing was right
To send you a message wrapped in love
And delivered with wings so light.

Unfold the delicate paper
Do it carefully and slowly too
And as the folds fall open
There is my verse to you.

I’m with you every step of the way
Every journey you make I’m there
No need to feel you’re on your own
My love for you I share.

The cord that unites us is never broken
For it is made from love on high
And this love encompasses all aspects
That can never, ever die.

So be strong my darling sister
Walk tall with courage and might
Be brave as a fearless warrior
And I will surround you with my light.

– Inspired words through Spirit Medium Brenda Hodgson