I Believe in Angels!

I Believe in Angels!

Angels – let’s just say that I love them – these invisible (to normal sight anyway) celestial beings that have brought a deep sense of love and calm into my life amaze me everyday.

Going back to the beginning – or my beginning in this life, in this form… as me! I had what some would describe as a disadvantaged early life and was often in quite volatile situations, but looking back I guess I always felt a deep sense of being protected, however scared I was – but I just couldn’t place who it was that was giving me this sense of calm, I would often daydream about the safe and cosy life I just knew I would have as an adult – away from drunks and violence, and yes as an adult – I am well loved with my own loving family, my family even look as I dreamed!

Going back, I remember clearly the day we were sent home from school because of gale force winds, I wasn’t met by anyone at the school gates as others were – I was only small and weighed little, as I fought against the strength of the growing winds to get home as quickly as I could, a huge gust of wind hit me and I remember my feet actually leaving the ground – at this moment a lady, from nowhere, reached and grabbed my arm – she then asked me where I lived and held my arm all the way home! I questioned… Was she an Angel in disguise!? I now believe she was, as in many other situations when a stranger rescued me.

Coming into Spiritualism fused all the feelings I had inside giving them meaning– I remember a very early spiritual message received talked about the huge Angel I had with me – from birth; who had watched and would continue to watch over me my whole life, I was told that my childhood must have been difficult because of the protection that my Angel was transferring! – It was then that I realised I had always known this and had sensed the healing and comfort offered, during times of vulnerability and fear, whilst growing up.

My Angel had protected me – those dark and scary evenings when I’d be sent out to the shops alone – I hadn’t been alone, my Angel was keeping me safe and invisible to outside dangers (there were many!). My Angel, I’m sure, had sent compassion and love in the way of the wonderful teachers who treated me well and inspired me to want a better life, even the lollipop lady would look out for me – offering clothes and shoes at times they were needed!

Healing Hands - The Seven ChakrasI now connect often, through meditation and healing with my Angel and every time it’s a beautiful experience. I talk regularly and ask out loud for help when needed – the Angel of the parking space, the Angel of good sleep, the Angel of the
home and car – they all protect and help me daily – I just ask and give thanks.
There are so many examples of when Guardian Angels have stepped in and protected other people and I never get bored of hearing about them!

Angels are beings of pure love, their sole purpose is to help us as we meet this often difficult life. We can also reach out to them and ask for help when ever we need it – ask and I’m sure you will be amazed at how often they respond!

Please feel free to share any ‘Angelic’ experiences you have had in the comments section!

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  1. Angelic experiences are numerous and can take different formats. It can be luminous or physical body/bodies, synchronitic events or experiences. The greater ones attunement and awareness the more one encounters them. It is available to all humans, our freewill and choices which are always respected whether we are conscious of them or not is what determines our interactions with it/them. However, to those who feel they have not had such experience do not give up. Look at the smaller events in your lives that were” unexpected “. That’s angelic intervention/s. It’s a building of trust and starts from how one connects that link between self and them.Blessings.

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