Dream or Spirit?

As we settle down to sleep our 5 senses slow down, this allows our 6th sense to gleam! Spirit can get closer to us when this happens. Our sub-conscious mind has slowed down which means that we are more ‘open’ to the other realms.

So if a loved one wants to visit us or give us a message then they are more likely to do so when we are sleeping – it takes a lot for them to come through and this is why such visits are rare and don’t take place often.

A visit from a loved one who is in spirit cannot be confused with a dream – we dream lots and our lost loved ones are likely to feature in our dreams often BUT an actual visit is something that cannot be mistaken, you will KNOW when they have been. The feeling that you get whilst seeing them in your sleep will be unlike anything you’ve experienced in sleep before. You will ‘feel’ them around physically, like your body ‘senses’ their presence. Upon waking, you will remember vividly what they said, what they looked like, what they did, and that overwhelming feeling of comfort will remain with you for the days, months and even years that follow – unlike a normal dream that we find difficult to remember over time.

Spirits’ love comes to us for all sorts of reasons, it may be to bring a message of comfort and reassurance that all is well for them, or that all will be well for us; they can come to give us a warning about something that is to come – but whatever the reason, the experience is out of this world!

I have myself experienced sleep visitation from a loved one and it was incredible. I woke knowing that they had been close to me even though I’d never experienced it before. I was overwhelmed with feelings of comfort as my belief that they are never too far away was reinforced. My message was one that allowed me the knowledge that they were safe, happy and still around with lots of love for me.

So, remember that spirit are never too far away and can hear us. Talk to them, be it through prayer, meditation or just talking out loud, and give them permission to visit you in your sleep state. Bearing in mind that it does take a lot for them to fulfil such a task, you may need to be patient; it may not happen straight away or as often as you’d like BUT have trust that they will come at a time that is right for you…. And they will!

Wishing you all sweet dreams!

P.S. Please feel free to share any experiences of loved ones coming through to you in your sleep!

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  1. Hi, 4 yes this month my mother passed, every once in awhile she visits me in my dreams,she never speaks she just stands & just watches me,a few feet away, I always feel at peace through the dream & all next the day & feels like her arms are wrapped around me & somehow I feel safe.

  2. I am woken by my mums voice (She passed away 7 months ago ) calling my name. I wake i dont here her voice anymore but her voice is so near and clear.

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