A Fantasy – Poem by Jonquille M Berry

A Fantasy

It came that in the mists of time

I could have loved you

Who can say as we travel along

That this time may not come again?


If God gave you to me

In His wisdom and design,

I would not feign to utter the supreme

Unction that made you mine?


Could dreams in reality, be truth,

Then we are one…



How can a star cease to be

While there is glory beyond our sight?

From the start of our long travail

To this moment in time,

We fit into His purpose yet.


For the sake of the stars whose world they reflect,

May we take heart from One whose love

Bears the test;  transcend the plateau of doubt

At His behest and enter in timelessness,

The harbour of the eternal Grail.


From ‘The Poetry of Philosophy’  by Jonquille M Berry

ISBN 978 – 1 – 84748 – 686 – 8

Published 2010