All Energy Is Conscious – There is no Such Thing as ‘Nothing’

A little thought popped into my mind the other day and it was such a revelation to me I just had to write it down at that moment. The thought was;

“There isn’t such thing as ‘nothing’ – void space is still something – it has a consciousness – it has decided to be void space – all energy is conscious”

Now to be honest, at the time, I was halfway out of the door, so the implications were not yet digested fully into my awareness, however I knew there was something deeper to investigate with this random theory that had popped into my head.

Im sure that you and I are well aware that everything is energy in one form or another, but for the most part we still think in terms of the physical – our bodies and everything around us is created by intelligent design.

It is not often that we recognise void space as being a thing! We assume it is nothing, has no purpose and gets put into the category of dark matter. Something that most of us has heard of – but this ‘dark matter’ is like the spare parts of the universe that are surplus to requirements, a bit like cutting out cloth from a pattern and throwing away the waste material!

What if this isn’t the case? What if the remnants are in fact as intelligent and as conscious as we?

Think about it… Every cell in our body is a hologram, an exact copy of the whole. Each cell on conception has divided and decided what part of the body it will be. This has to be a conscious design. Ok, sometimes things might go wrong, but our cells are only human…right! So scientifically, if everything is energy, frequency and vibration (thank you Tesla and Einstein), that cannot mean just the physical, it also includes the things we cannot see.

You have probably heard the phrase “Mind over matter” which by definition is meaning, thought comes before physical. What you imagine you can create.

So, in theory our bodies, world etc are created from a conscious thought first before they came into being.  Void space then, would also have been created the same way. It chose like the cells in our body to become the gaps so to speak in between. We have void space in our bodies and in every organism, in fact there is more void than matter, so what does this mean?

It means that there is always something, that ‘nothing’ is really a word that shouldn’t exist (weirdly).

Think on this for a moment…An empty purse, is full of void potential to fill it. An empty mind is full of void imagination to be creative, A plateaux in your life is filled with void opportunity for growth. Maybe (this is a theory), the void is a conscious fluctuating energy that is the reservoir for what our imaginations conceive, it is the fabric of which we make and mould the world around us.

With this thought, the revelation that hit me was that if we have this resource of useable energy to create and manifest our thoughts, ideas and intentions…then EVERYTHING is possible.

– Thoughts from Stacie Frost, Spiritual Medium @Stacie’s Spiritual & Holisitic Healing

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