We are All Capable of Sending Healing

The Power of Our Thoughts

Each week I tell our Church congregation that they are all capable healers – that to focus on the word love when holding a loved one in their mind is simply enough to transfer a healing energy.

And it really is as simple as that… thoughts have an energy and can be sent to people regardless of how far they are physically from the person sending that thought / energy.

We are all interconnected – and our loving thoughts are pretty magical…

Have you ever thought of someone and then out of the blue they reach out and contact you? Consider how the thought you had, travelled and transferred into their energy field… they felt your thought somehow and in turn, they thought of you!

Your local Spiritualist Church or Centre is likely to have properly trained Spiritual Healers, offering the healing sessions. These healers will know how to open up their own energy centres and connect with their healing guides, channelling energy either in person or at distance. This kind of healing can be profound and deeply healing for those who are able to receive.

But I want to remind you all of your own power when it comes to offering love, positivity and healing energy to those you care about / think of. You do not need to be trained to the level of a qualified Spiritual Healer to do and send good. You can simply sit and think loving thoughts… knowing that they travel out into the ether and go exactly where you want them to.


  • Find a comfortable and quiet space
  • Close your eyes
  • Focus on the word ‘LOVE’
  • Feel that thought fill you and your energy
  • Think of the person you want to send healing to
  • Surround their image with love – maybe imagine a warm glow around them
  • See them in your mind as happy, comforted and eased
  • Have faith that your loving thought has been sent and felt by the recipient and go about your day as usual, with the extra feeling of love in your heart

Remember; ‘To Give is to Receive’ and God Bless you!

3 Comments on "We are All Capable of Sending Healing"

  1. Peggy Deadman | April 1, 2023 at 2:45 pm | Reply

    I love this. It is so important for people to realise they have their own innate power to send healing and for self healing. We do not always have to look outside.

  2. Where do you think your thoughts come from?

  3. Thankyou for giving these guides to help people send healing to others. Im a healer myself and it’s important to send as much love to anyone we can .
    It’s never more needed now as many people are struggling.

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