Synchronicities are described by Psychologist Carl Jung, as;

‘deeply meaningful coincidences which mysteriously occur in your life’

‘Meaningful coincidence of two or more events where something other than the probability of chance is involved’

Coincidences happen often and are explained by theories around probability, but sometimes a coincidence can be overwhelmingly ‘unbelievable’ and difficult to comprehend as being merely a coincidental happening. These mysterious events have come to be known as synchronicities, and it is largely accepted that there are greater forces at play in these instances.

These forces are accepted by groups of people as; the Universe, the Angelic realm, Spirit etc, but whatever way you accept them, they are guiding forces for good, helping us along our paths. Helping us to fulfil our destiny, our reasons for coming onto this earth plane.

Divine Intervention

Most of us accept that we are here for a reason, we have important lessons to learn, things we need to achieve in this life for our Soul’s growth and progression.

For this reason, I believe that divine interventions can become necessary to help us fulfil our life’s purpose.

Our earthly life can be full of difficulties and turmoils, things that help us to learn and to grow – no experience is wasted, we learn and grow from every life experience, no matter how hard. In times such as these we can go off the pathway we were meant to be on, some continue to struggle and never make it back – they will have experienced and learnt just the same, but they will not fulfil their destiny in this lifetime.

During our life we are constantly being guided by universal forces and helped along our way. We must take time to notice what the universe is trying to tell us, as these wonderful synchronicities manifest.

Synchronicities manifest in many different ways;

  • Interconnection – you were thinking about something, and it then happens – maybe a phone call to someone you haven’t spoken to for a long time – then mysteriously the phone rings or a message comes in from them – they were thinking about you at the same time! Our individual energies are connected with everything, Mother Nature, the universe and each other – so it makes sense, that if a thought enters a persons energy it can be felt by another.
  • Symbolic Messages from the Universe – you start to see patterns, numbers or symbols repeatedly – the universe is trying to communicate with you, to give you a sign! Take some time to understand the meaning of what you have been seeing and listen to the message being given.
  • Wishes – A wish comes true – you manifest the things you have desired, think about the ‘Law of Attraction’ – we really can make things happen – the universe is working with us.
  • Replay of Dreams  – you might have a random dream that then is replayed repeatedly within your life. There is a message within this, do some research to find out what this might mean.
  • Familiarity in Strangers  – connecting with people in unusual ways – that moment you connect eyes with someone or bump into someone and you are filled with a warmth towards them, a strange desire to reach out and connect with them. The Universe is working to bring you together with those who are ‘meant’ to be in your life – helping you to fulfil your life’s purpose.

Sometimes the synchronicity can be so much more powerful, so much more amazing within our life. These more powerful moves of synchronised flow, occur when we need help to fulfil our life destiny and also when our life plan is in action – miraculous things start to happen for us… it really is like the World, the Universe, the Spirit Realm is putting people, things and events into our lives to help us get there!

Things that once felt difficult seem easier – we are in flow, we are more connected with our higher self, closer and more connected to the universal energies, being helped and guided to get where we need to be. They step in to rescue and save us when we falter… how many stories are out there, of people who have been on the brink of despair and then had a lightening moment, a miracle has occurred for them, and they then go on the achieve amazing things… Synchronicities have been at play!

How amazing is that!?

I often talk about people from my past and they pop up within a few days of the conversations, a beautiful show of the energy moving between us. I have had times in my life where the destination of where I am trying to get is almost unreachable – when I’ve felt close to giving up… and exactly at that point something, someone comes along to add a vital piece of the jigsaw which makes the next step toward the goal feel easy. It was clearly ‘meant to be!’ – Universal or Divine Intervention at its best – synchronicity in action!

I’m sure we can all recall times in our lives when we have had ‘mysterious coincidences’ that have helped us along. Please feel free to share yours in the comments 🙂

3 Comments on "Synchronicity"

  1. Very interesting thank you

  2. First I would say; There is no such thing as coincidence. When an apparently ‘miraculous’ thing happens, it is all a part of the life force of the Universe, often incorrectly attributed to a God or some form of deity. Every person, every living thing on this planet, is a part of the life force, truthfully; we are not alone. From this you can deduce; synchronicities happen due to the life force of which we are a part of.
    And one more thing, miracles are hard work on someone’s part.

  3. I was just 17yrs old had been working for 2yrs in a good job close to home, I had an overwhelming feeling that I had to leave this job and look for another much to the anger of my parents.
    I looked at many vacancies for a couple of weeks and I was drawn to one of them and started to work there, within a couple of months I met my husband to be who was working in a different Department.
    Stranger still my husband to be who had been working in Scotland came to work in England at the Company I started to work for just 2 months after him. Now we have been married almost 58yrs, with lovely children and Grandchildren…

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