5 Spiritual Hygge Activities for Autumn

As the evenings grow darker and colder, it seems like a natural human instinct to seek comfort in the meaningful and reflective activities of the season.

The lack of sunlight is often connected to feelings of sadness and depression, but here are 5 Spiritual Hygge activities that you can try to get you through the Autumn!

  1. Collect Fallen Leaves

The trees produce the most magnificent colours in the Autumn time and demonstrate the very cycle of death and rebirth.  

Absorb your mind in the metaphor of shedding waste and preparing for new spring growth by collecting different leaves of different colours, shapes and sizes.

  1. Take in the Sight, Smell and Warmth of a Fire.

Fire has enchanted humans since its discovery, and Autumn is a perfect time to experience it in with all your senses.

Safely build a fire from fallen twigs or logs and watch how the fire springs to life, fuelled by the waste of trees, breathing the Autumn air and expelling colour and heat.

Many have experienced Spiritual visions when connecting with the light and movement of fire whether from a small candle or a large bonfire.

  1. Reorganise Your Sleeping Area.

Engage your inherent animal instinct to ‘nest’ by reorganising your sleeping area for maximum comfort.  

Tidy your bedroom space, packing away clothes and other items you don’t require over the Autumn and Winter, and bring forward your warm and comforting clothes.

Freshen your bedding and embrace the warmth.

  1. Do some Cooking, Outside.

There’s little more comforting than hot food, but take it to another level by wrapping up warm and using a barbeque or open fire outside to cook.

Share the experience with friends and family.

  1. Reach Out to Friends, Old and New.

As Christmas approaches, loneliness can become more enduring as people of all religions and beliefs make time for friends and family.

Embrace the season by reaching out to friends old and new. Keep past memories alive and build new ones for years to come.


These activities can be done at any time, but they take on a particular prominence in the Autumn Season.




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