Inner Peace.  It takes time, It takes practice.

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Inner Peace is something that is so very important, in a fast pace, busy world we get all too consumed with what is going on in the world and around us. Our minds get filled up with unnecessary stresses.

We need to work to find a ‘peace’, our ‘peace’.

It really is simple, because what it really is, is the decluttering of your mind.   Putting aside the thoughts and things that don’t really matter; sorting out that which really does matter from that which really doesn’t.

Probably, a lot of us today are subject to the Internet and we are subject to our phone, we are becoming slaves.  Unfortunately through the media it presents to us, it brings to us a lot of thoughts that aren’t always the best kind.

Everything we feed in to our mind, goes deep within our subconscious levels.  

So when we want to relax and we want to become peaceful, we find it is very difficult because we have all this going on in our lives.  Not only that, but hurtful messages and harmful practices take place in this medium here. If you really think about it, how long would it take for that message to go from us, around the world and come back in your own ear. Because that’s what technology does, and it’s as quick as that (click of the fingers).

We all know that if we use things like Skype, or other medias that help us see people across the world, it takes a few seconds to communicate and talk to each other.  That is the wonder and the beauty of the Internet. Just like us, ourselves, we are like a computer in a way, the more we feed that computer and the more we put in to it, we overload it.  It memory becomes cluttered and full, then we moan and groan, because when we switch it on it takes ages to load up and it doesn’t perform as quick as it did when we first bought it, but we don’t think about what we’ve put in side it.  

Our minds are just the same.  The more that we feed in to ourselves, the more we have to deal with.  So finding inner peace, which is a true peace. Much different to the peace that surrounds us, on the peripheral, we’re not really 100% connecting with it, we’re just walking in to it.  

But when we calm our mind we find that we enter a true state of peace.

Thinking about that, how then can we all, each and every one of us, find a better level of peace within?  It comes down to that one thing, off loading the rubbish and not turning in to some of the things people send us every day.   We can look at them, read them but don’t store them. Harmful thoughts go very deep and they come to the surface when we least expect it, and it upsets us, and brings forward those thought patterns that we’re not really thinking about, they are just there.

When you go to sleep at night, how many people can just put their head on the pillow and fall in to a deep sleep?  I bet there’s something from the day that’s going on in your mind, because that when we’re trying to quieten our mind, trying to relax, trying to get to a sleep state but all of the turmoil that’s going on in our lives is bubbling around our subconscious.  Thats why we find it so difficult.

It’s a practice, something that we have to develop.  No different to developing mediumship, developing healing, everything becomes one thing.  If we want to make people better, we put out good thoughts. Those good thoughts go out and comes back.  Everything that that goes out is a circle, it comes back. If you send out bad vibes, some time they are going to come back to you.  Better not to send them in the first place.

Better not to tune in to the rubbish that’s going on in the world to and find yourself that quietness that we all need, that inner peace.  It’s not easy.

Every one of us can achieve it if you really try.  Reflect on how you go about your lives, and how other people you meet in your day to day lives have an influence on you.  Is that meaning ful and needed, or something you can disregard.

That is how you will take the journey towards inner peace.


  • This is a transcript of a Spiritual address given by Bill Lee during our Divine Service on 8th April 2018, at Thundersley Christian Spiritualist Church.



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