Approach Christmas as a Child this Year

It is often said that Christmas is a time for Children, and it’s certainly true that the excitement of a child at Christmas is infectious!

It’s not just about the presents.  Of course children love new toys, but to focus on the commercialisation of Christmas would be a mistake.  Children also love the beautiful decorations, the many Christmas myths and traditions; and the prospect of their loves ones spending more time together.

Even if you are not around any children this Christmas, you can still feel the same excitement and give thanks for all that is good in this world.  Enjoy the traditions that unite us, regardless of our faith, at the end of this year of division.

A Christmas miracle may be a lot to ask for, but by approaching Christmas, and life, as a child would  then you can be open to the love and light of the world. 

Children have the beautiful quality of the future yet to come.  Their short history has done little to tarnish their positive view of the future.  Anything is possible when you are a child, and it is not affected by your past experiences.

So, this year be that child who cares nothing about their past mistakes, and looks only to their future successes.  Make a difference to your world and the ripples will extend further than you can ever know.

Above all, enjoy your Christmas time.  Happy Christmas.