Difficult Times – A Prayer by Brenda Hodgson

Heavenly Father,

I have been told ‘before you even ask it is given’ and with this knowledge I am taking your outstretched hand that is held out to me at this most testing time.

God, I now know the peace and stillness within myself and daily withdraw to be with you for which I am grateful.

You are teaching me patience and trust as you once did Job in the biblical story and I understand this fully. I just wanted you to know that I will be holding your hand quite tightly while I learn to fully let go.

Help me to open my heart as wide as yours in order that I can work selflessly in your name.

It is easy to keep my own counsel when I have You to talk to and this has been a great blessing. Without You and my friends in Spirit I could not have come as far as I have and I am eternally grateful.

Just one more leap of faith God and I will be free. Together as One we will land gently and safely on the other side and the smiles and laughter we share will go on and on in to eternity.

I am strong now having written this so on the count of three…..


– A Prayer which has been written and shared by Spirit Medium Brenda Hodgson.