Water: The Element of Earthly Life

Water played a huge part in our recent holiday to Wales, UK, and the fundamental nature of this earthly element struck me.  It was all around us:


The power of the sea is evident in many of Wales’ bays where the remains of ships and structures can be seen, and the scarred landscape tells of the timeless tidal cycles that attack the land.

Yet for our Earthly civilisation the sea has been an enabler, providing food sources and a way of travelling the globe.


Wales gets a lot of rain.  As we crossed the Severn Bridge from England into Wales the life sustaining droplets started to fall from the sky.  Below us the River Severn becomes the Severn Estuary, a vast body of water, and as we entered Wales the grass looked greener, the colours more vibrant and alive.

And Waterfalls…

Wales has some beautiful waterfalls and many are quite accessible. It’s hard not to be impressed by the delicate power of the water as it stays on its path down the mountains.

Water Supports our Earthly Existence

It can be easy to use the imagery of water as a focus for our Spirituality in the great beyond, but water exists in our physical world to support our material existence.  

It strikes me that there’s a significance to that.  As we move through the Earthly world and eventually leave for the Spirit plane, we leave the water behind to provide for the next earthly beings as they come through.  

Water is Intelligent

Yes, water has intelligence.  It interacts with other elements in the earthly world and has fluidity of motion.

It doesn’t sit idle as the Earth turns on it’s axis but undertakes its many cycles that sustain life.  It evaporates and rains, it leaves the beach and comes back, it freezes and thaws.

Experience Water with all our Earthly senses

Use some of your short time on this planet to experience this amazing element with all your earthly senses.

Sound – The sound of moving water has long be associated with relaxation and calm.  

Sight – Light, another spiritual element, gives an appealing sight when it glimmers on the water but don’t underestimate the power of water which changes the speed and direction of light.  

Taste – there is a subtle taste to water that quenches thirst like nothing else can.

Touch – feel the movement, strength and temperature of water on your skin.

Smell – breath in the essence of the sea, or a lake, or freshly called rain and notice the differences.

It’s important to take time out of our busy lives to marvel at the miracle of life, and water plays an important part in that!

– Robert