The Power of Human Contact

As earthly beings we are continually seeking a feeling of belonging – to feel that we are needed… wanted… have purpose… this life can often feel a lonely place – our thoughts, feelings and sensing of situations is felt within… not on view for others to share – this is where we seek to connect with others.

How a simple hug can heal a broken soul.

Hugs are amazing… they say that if you hold a hug for more than 3 seconds (but 20 seconds is even better) then it is long enough for a flood of the ‘happy’ hormones – endorphins to be released!

I have tried and tested this – I definitely get a feeling of comfort/contentment when I hold a hug… but i also notice how most people become uncomfortable after a second – whenever I notice this is explain the ‘Hug Theory’ and that usually releases the tension and they go with it – always responding with a smile!

Hugs are Healing

They lower Cortisol (the stress and anxiety hormone) by creating a calm feeling and lowering blood pressure – which can also enable better sleep…

AND they connect us physically, allowing for a sense of connectedness and belonging… Touch is something we all need, going back to being born – babies interpret being held as a sign of safety and reassurance – a transfer of love. We retain that association into adulthood – which is why hugs feel good! But we don’t seem to reach out for contact the same way – it’s like many of us forget how much we NEED it for our own wellbeing!

I once read a study on orphaned war time babies, it was incredible learning… it showed just how vital being held was to a baby’s (human being’s) survival. Death rates of babies placed in hospital environments, who were kept in their cots at feed time, were much more likely to die than those babies who were placed in Convents, where the babies were picked up out of their cots and held at feed time – Human contact/touch really is a human NEED.

There have been recent studies that even suggest that the effects of regular hugging can improve our body’s ability to fight illness! Amazing right?!

So let’s get hugging and sharing this positive activity and help to lose the rigidity that is commonly flared, with some, at the prospect of human contact!

Happy Hugging!