Grounding Yourself and Finding Inner Peace.

What is Peace?

Peace is a word that has differing meanings from person to person; some would say peace is a quiet and calm life in the country, others find peace in a busy world with no space to focus on their own internal conflicts!

For me, Peace is an inner comfort that can be reached through meditation exercises. Meditation allows our noisy minds to quieten down. For some it allows the third eye (our inner wisdom) to shine, for their energy to open up to meet with the universal energy and love that exists on the higher plane.

Inner peace is something, I feel, that is accessible and present for ALL of us – but often we focus too heavily on day-to-day life and the ‘hectic-ness’ of it, and we pray or hope for some external change or force to present us with ‘Peace’. This isn’t going to happen… and the sooner we take responsibility for ourselves and how we feel, the sooner we can get closer to our own internal comfort and calm – INNER PEACE!

What can we do for World Peace…?

Meditation silhouette.As an individual we hold no control or power to prevent war and conflict in this big wide world – BUT we can stop… get in-touch with our own inner peace – an energy that will, and I have no doubt, radiate from us and be absorbed by those around us… Yes! We can spread peace this way… Imagine if we all stopped and connected with this inner peace – Peace and Love would then conquer – but until that day let us take responsibility for finding only our own peace and hope that peaceful energy (love) ripples out further than we imagine it ever could!