Living Under The Same Sky…

Living Under the Same Sky

When all is well in our lives we can take so much for granted.

We may have family who live on the other side of the world, or old friends who live a few roads away, but do we always make as much effort to keep those connections as we could?

It’s never been easier to keep in touch with each other now that technologies such as Internet connections and mobile telephone networks are available in most parts of the world.  Perhaps the ease of typing, speaking or even seeing each other over email, phone or video call respectively makes us feel closer than we are.

The availability and speed with which we can make a connection causes us to feel less inclined to actually use those facilities to maintain relationships.

Facing Loss

However, when facing the loss of a loved one we realise only too quickly and sincerely how valuable our time together living under the same sky is.

There are many convincing theories and beliefs about life-after-death held by all kinds of people both religious and non-religious; and despite the varying efforts of Spiritual Mediums who claim to bring messages from the spirit world, which can be vivid or vague in equal measure, for most of us when loved ones move on our contact with them is on hold: until perhaps we catch up with them under a new sky.

Sadly we currently lack the repeatable scientific knowledge that makes communicating with the spirit world as easy as making a mobile telephone call.

However just as the existence of a global mobile telephone network capable of sending data over vast distances in just a few seconds would be incomprehensible to our ancestors of a few hundred years ago (only a handful of generations), I have no doubt that the pace of science and technology will soon catch up in both understanding and functionality.

One day we will know beyond reasonable doubt what happens after death.

Make the Most of Earthly Life

The Internet tells me that at the Earth’s equator an object is traveling about 1000MPH as the Earth spins on its daily cycle.  I believe if you lay flat to the ground you can almost feel yourself travelling on top.

However, we are all equal in our Earthly life traveling on the same plane at roughly the same speed, living relative to each other.

So we should take comfort while we are together under the same sky and take advantage of all the physical means we have to reach out to those we care about…