Love and Healing

Love is Healing and Healing is Love.

We all need love. Love is received in various ways, like the relationships we hold with others, it can be transferred from the pets and animals that we care for and have contact with, some say that to have Faith is to have Love. That God is love. Angelic Love. Spiritual Love.

Spiritual Healing is the giving of Love from Spirit… a love that is pure, accepting, honest and true.

If you have ever had Spiritual Healing you will be aware of the comfort that can be received. A Spiritual Healer will open up their heart to the Spirit world, the Angels, God etc, and then ask for healing energies to be passed on to the person having the healing. Those Healing Energies will be exactly what is needed for that person at that time. It isn’t always about healing in a literal sense i.e. fixing a broken limb (although miracles have been known to happen!), it can be as simple as giving that person a deep sense of calm and contentment because that will help them at that moment.

Anyone can send Healing out to the world, you don’t need to be a trained Healer. Love can be transferred by Thought or Prayer and that the loving thought or prayer can travel around the world. This is often called ‘Distant Healing’ – said to be as powerful as ‘Hands on Healing’.

Healing – only a thought away! All you need to do is sit and send a loving thought out to someone and have faith that it will be received. It may be felt in a many ways, which make it difficult to judge its power. Trust!