The Power of Colour

The Power of Colour

Throughout history colour was given much credit for its effect on both the human body and for uplifting our spirit and feelings.

In recent times studies have been carried out and shown that colour does indeed affect our mood and emotional wellbeing. Hospitals and schools have as a result to such studies begun to consider the effects that colour/decor have on us when deciding on how to decorate their buildings. The classic clinical blues and greens are being replaced by warm hues and shades.

Colour Therapy, also known as Chromotherapy has been always been a ‘thing’, our ancestors would build great halls in which people could go to have a colour ‘bath’, they would be bathed in light filtered through coloured windows and glass panels. It has been documented that colour therapy was also used by way of crushing and consuming coloured crystal. A less extreme way of flushing colour through our bodily system is to use purified water in a coloured bottle, leave the water under rays of the sun in order to ‘solarise’ and energise it with colour vibrations, the water then becomes a healing tonic – giving you a flush of the energies associated with that particular colour!

Colour can be used within Spiritual Healing, healers can mentally visualise the direction of specific colours into the patients aura and body. Spirit can inspire the colours used or if the patient comes with a specific ailment then the healer may choose the appropriate healing colour to visualise whilst working within that patient’s aura.

Which colour to use?

Red – an energising colour, known to loosen, open and release stiffness and constrictions. Excellent for anaemia and blood related conditions.

Orange – has a ‘freeing’ action upon the mind and body. It can help relieve and repressions. Orange is a warm colour – the colour of the sun. It can help to bring about new ideas and can be helpful in dealing with surplus sexual expression.

Yellow – associated with strengthening the nerves and mind. a good colour then for those suffer from a nervous disposition.

Green – universal healing colour, good for affecting blood pressure and heart conditions, it had an energising and soothing effect.

Blue – used for ailments associated with speech and communication. A soothing colour that helps with bleeding, fevers and sore throats.

Indigo – great for purifying the bloodstream and stabilising mental problems. It is known to be ‘freeing’ and ‘purifying’. Good for dealing with ailments within the eyes and ears.

Violet – colour of Divine Spirit, not generally used for physical conditions although some would suggest that it has the ability to nourish the cells in the upper brain, expanding horizons of our Divine understanding.

White – directing white into an aura is thought to help ones own divine nature into healing self. White light of perfection, also known as Divine Light.