The Crystal Ball

The Crystal Ball

Mediums have long used the crystal ball, it is probably the tool most recognised and associated with spiritual mediumship. The act of ‘seeing’ things – past, present or future, is termed ‘scrying’. The use of a crystal ball when scrying is generally called ‘Crystal Gazing’ or ‘Crystallomancy’.

Used throughout history by psychics, fortune tellers, wizards, seers, gypsies etc. And earlier used by Celtic druids for the purpose of divination. Crystal balls are used to foretell future events, discover hidden knowledge and as an aid to connect with spirit to receive spirit messages in clairvoyant work. They are generally clear glass or crystal and round in shape. Their form allows for light and colour reflection, and their transparency allows for the user to stare into the ball and meditate, receiving pictures or envisaged images and then using what they have seen in their clairvoyant/psychic work. Some clairvoyants are said to actually see images/pictures inside the crystal ball.

Using a Crystal Ball for Spirit Communication

Please take some time to consider the atmosphere when setting up to use a Crystal ball, dim lighting and incense burning is considered good for a setting where imagination can flow freely and senses can be opened.

  • Set up a candle placed behind you – providing shade for the crystal itself. A coloured candle will often be preferred, as colours have their own vibration and can aid the exercise – blue and purple are good colours to consider.
  • Think about the incense that will be used – Frankincense, Sage or Sandalwood are used traditionally.
  • Preparing the mind – bearing in mind that Spirit can communicate in a very subtle and quiet ways, to be able to ‘hear’ spirit messages and information we will need to quieten our conscious (thinking) mind. So try to create a period of quiet, using this time to allow all of your days stress and thoughts to float away before you use the crystal ball. Some people are able to do this through a relaxing exercise such as mediation, taking a bath or prayer. Only go into this exercise when you are feeling at peace.
  • Clear yourself of any expectations; expectations are a hindrance to the natural awareness that we are looking to find, they block the channel that open us up to authentic spirit communication.
  • So, when you feel that you are free of all expectation, have quietened the conscious mind, and have set your space up accordingly, you should feel ready to follow this simple exercise
  1. Sit comfortably, holding the crystal ball in both your hands.
  2. Stare into the crystal ball for a few minutes, allowing your eyes to adjust.
  3. Allow a feeling of connection between yourself and the crystal ball, once you ‘feel’ connected to the crystal ball (you will know when this has happened) place the crystal ball on its stand in front of you.
  4. Stare into the crystal ball without blinking or looking away, allowing your mind to become as clear as the crystal.
  5. Wait for your gaze to form a mist – this signifies that the connection is made between yourself, the crystal ball and your subconscious mind. At this point – HOLD STILL…. the connection to spirit is being made! Keep your gaze and silently acknowledge spirits presence with an internal welcome.
  6. The mist will begin to clear as you drift into the crystal ball – this is where pictures are formed and inner impressions will be felt.
  7. Don’t try to interpret what you get at this point just let the information given flow and try to keep concentration.
  8. Eventually the pictures and your sensing will fade. You may feel tired, just relax and have a glass of water.
  9. When you feel more energised it is time to make notes on what you have seen/felt, write all that feels significant down.


Happy Crystal Gazing!