Misty Rainbow Meditation

Misty Rainbow Meditation

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Meditation Script

Just close your eyes now, and find that quiet relaxation that you can easily find…

And I wonder if you can imagine that you are surrounded by a misty rainbow of colours….

A gentle misty rainbow that allows you to separate out the colours one at a time, so that you can feel the healing benefit of the colour vibrations….

And it doesn’t matter if you can’t clearly see the colours in your mind’s eye… because colour is a vibration, and so it can be felt or heard as well as seen….

And you may find that you can see the colour, or it may be that you can hear it… or perhaps just notice the sensation in your body as I mention each colour…

Because your mind knows exactly how to experience those colours for you… and how to get the greatest benefit for you from each one…

And you might be able to notice thoughts and feelings that each colour brings… or you might just prefer to enjoy the relaxation of having no one wanting anything, no one expecting anything… and absolutely nothing to do but relax now…

And as you draw your attention to your breathing you can become aware of how each breath enters your body… and noticing now how that breath can flow down to your stomach… and then as you breath out, noticing the stomach falling back and enjoying that comfortable relaxation that you can easily find with deep, slow breathing….

Connecting yourself with your true inner self… and preparing to explore those different colours of the rainbow as you think of them now…

Perhaps imagining that you are surrounded by a mist that is the colour red… and as you think of that colour… imagine it is surrounding you, and that you are breathing it in… that it is in every pore, every fibre and muscle…. A beautiful red energy that you become very aware of … with each breath you take… exploring how this red energy is for you… noticing what you feel… what you see… what you hear… what you think…..

And then you become aware that the energy that was red is turning into a beautiful orange mist… and you can notice what kind of orange that is… whether it is more red than yellow, or whether it is more yellow than red… or perhaps it is a perfectly balance orange that is neither too red or too yellow, but feels and seems just right for you….

Experiencing this colour as you breathe it in, and feel it surrounding you, inside and out… and noticing your feelings, thoughts, and what you see and hear in your inner being…..

And then you notice that this orange mist begins to turn yellow… and you notice exactly what kind of yellow you are experiencing, and it surrounds you, and you breathe it in until it fills your being… and you become very aware of what you see, hear, feel and think while experiencing this yellow colour…..

And gradually you become aware that the yellow is turning to green… perhaps a bright spring green that may be more yellow than blue… or maybe a dark green as in a rich green leaf… and how you experience that green it is exactly right for you at this time… as you feel it, hear it, see it and breath it in….

Until the green begins to turn to a sky blue colour… and I don’t know how blue your sky is, but your mind will create exactly the right blue for you…. And you can enjoy that experience now as you notice all the sights, sounds, feelings and thoughts connected to sky blue….

And gradually that blue turns darker… and I don’t know how dark your blue will turn… but your mind knows exactly what the right shade of darker blue for you is… and as you experience this colour, you can become very aware of how you feel, what you see and hear…

And then the blue turns to into a beautiful Violet, or purple or mauve colour… and exactly what is right for you will come into your mind as you experience this colour… and you can take from it what you need now… noticing your thoughts, and what you see, hear and feel in this moment….

And the light turns to a wonderful golden light and then to white…and you find yourself ready to return to the room now… slowly, gently bringing yourself up from where you are in your own time……


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