An Easter Crystal Reading.

An Easter crystal reading using the Crystal Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno.

Easter is a time for new beginnings, new opportunities and letting go of the past and negativity; these crystals can help.


Amber – purification.

When a tension causing issue comes to a head, this crystal will help you to stay calm and collected. It will help you avoid being drawn further into a negative situation and assist you in learning from the experience to help you predict and avoid the situation in the future.

 Clear Quartz – infinite possibilities

This crystal is full of infinite possibilities, and can be programmed to assist you however you wish. Whilst holding this crystal, envisage all the things you would like to have and achieve in your life. Carry this crystal with you, if possible keep it close to your heart by wearing it on a chain.

Malachite – healing, change

This crystal will support and heal you, drawing the energies of positive change to you. This crystal seeks to reassure you that the universe provides balance in all things: leave behind the “what if’s” and notice that despite what you have lost, you have gained much in return.

 Smokey Quartz – release of negativity and emotional blockage

This crystal seeks to draw out and cleanse the negative emotions that are causing a blockage in your mind and in your life. Keep this crystal close in times of emotional upheaval, and allow it to help you avoid bottling up emotions. Crying can be helpful: it relieves stress and tension, initiates mental and emotional healing and signifies release of negativity.

 Stichtite in Serpentine – clearing energy centres, detoxifying thoughts

This crystal helps you find clarity, peace and joy in your life. Whilst holding the crystal, seek out the colours within yourself and in the world around you and allow the crystal to amplify them. Carry this with you into the world to help guard against the dull and dreary that can drain the colour out of life.