Festive Positivity

Incredibly, it’s that time of year again. December is upon us, and with it comes one of the most joyous and simultaneously the most stressful celebrations; Christmas.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to see friends and family, lavish attention on those that normally pass quietly by and to take the chance to consider all the good things you have and where the next year of your life is going to take you. However, it’s difficult to block the outside forces that batter at our positivity.

Every year there is some media scandal or another regarding various religions, faiths or cultures and how they “affect” Christmas. From accusations of trying to stop the celebration, to ‘research’ showing that sections of society have ‘lost the true meaning of Christmas’ it can become difficult to keep yourself from getting bogged down.

There’s also no denying that Christmas – and indeed the entire festive season- has become hugely commercialised, with some shops selling cards and decorations from as early as the second week of October and advertising “deals” that are actually just a normal price which was previously hugely hiked up. However, business is business and it’s worth remembering that it’s not all that fun for those who have to work in those shops either; from personal experience Christmas gets boring really fast when you are dealing with it for 10 weeks or more.

So this year, let’s make an effort to ensure the season stays positive. Embrace all those who celebrate with you, respect those that celebrate differently (or not at all) and ignore the slurs and negativity. Be kind to those that have to give up time with their families so that you can shop, eat at restaurants and use public transport. Spare a thought for the emergency services, giving up their Christmas to help those in need. Instead of completing all your shopping online and at giant stores, go out and explore the small businesses that so often struggle to make ends meet, most of them giving up vast amounts of their time and energy for something they are passionate about and hoping people share their passion.

You can’t force the world to be positive and thoughtful, but finding your own peace and positivity will make a difference one person at a time.

Have a wonderful festive season.