Problem Solving Method #1

An extract from “Psychic Development For Beginners” by William W. Hewitt.

Problem Solving Method #1


  • Close your eyes
  • Go to your basic psychic level or to The Beach of Time
  • Visualise the unwanted situation as it exists.
  • Study all of the details and then mentally say “This is not what I want!”
  • Immediately erase the picture completely and replace it with a picture of exactly what you do want.
  • Study this new picture in detail, the mentally say “this is what I want!”
  • Then release the whole matter by saying “I release this whole matter to higher mind for resolution.”
  • Open your eyes and go on about your business without dwelling on the problem any further.


Here is a common problem for which you might use this approach. You and your spouse have been quarrelling and it is becoming serious. Visualise the quarrelling, see the unhappy faces of yourself and your spouse, hear the harsh words etc. then say you do not what this quarrel and erase the picture. Immediately create a picture of yourself and your spouse smiling, embracing, talking kindly to each other and so forth. Then release that picture to higher mind, saying that this is what you do want.

The results you get will be astounding.

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