Elevation – Jonquille M Berry

Let the lillies of the field,

Sponsored as they are by love,

Provide a means of thought and deed

That does not, by toil, concede or yield

To what in man aspires to greed,

But rather, as in their silent state

Proliferates towards a goal innate.


The Plan that God made possible,

Is that which was at first propounded.

Deemed fit for ethereal minds’ conception

‘twas not involved, trammelled or confounded.


Simply stated, it seemed just right

For adoring hearts to contemplate

The ever-flowing abundance wrought

By light, inherent within each particle.


May we discern the grand design,

Fathom the source of life;

Take the quantum leap into realms unknown,

And with the purest vision, in deep humility,

Understand the deathless mystery so Divine.


Taken from The Poetry of Philosophy by Jonquille M Berry

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