Spring Awakening, Cleansing Rituals.

Winter can be a difficult time and can stay with us long into the new year. However, spring is not only the time that nature is given to re-awaken and brighten the sometimes dreary world, but also an opportunity for us to begin again and leave the trials of the previous year and winter behind.

We are all used to seeing numerous articles in magazines and on blogs about the benefits of “spring cleaning your life”. Indeed there are many physical ways to cleanse your life, from an actual spring clean of your home and office to taking a break or getting a new wardrobe. These activities are great, but work much better when combined with a rejuvenated mind and spirit.

Begin by resolving those things you haven’t let go of. Whether its an argument with a friend or relative, a loss of some description or a traumatic happening, find the resolution that works best for you. Do you need to talk to someone to clear the air or discuss it with someone who isn’t involved so they can give you a better point of view on the matter? Do you need to forgive yourself or someone else? Is there “unfinished business”? When we have these opportunities to complete the cycle and move on, it is great to go ahead and do so.

However, sometimes we have to accept that there cannot be a simple fix or even a fix at all. Some situations, especially those involving another person, are left unresolved by someone or something being out of reach to us and thus we cannot connect to resolve our issues. In these cases, our only option is to resolve the issue to ourselves, to accept that you have done everything possible at this point in time and that had there been an opportunity to resolve the situation properly, you would have done so and moved on.

It may help to conduct a cleansing ritual. One method is to write your grievance on a small piece of paper and place in an earthenware bowl with a few drops of fragranced oil (as used in oil burners) and carefully light the corners with a match. Clear your mind, and as the paper burns away and the fragrance is released, visualise the grievance being erased from your mind and the negative energy released. Once the paper is all burned away, wait for the ashes to be completely cool and mix them with water which you can then sprinkle on plants. This allows the negative thoughts to be cleansed and the energy you have used on the grievance to be channelled back into nature. Of course, when burning the paper, be sure to put it in a suitable bowl and preferably outside, if not in the sink or bath where it can be easily extinguished in an emergency.

Another method is to use ceremonial white sage for smudging. Bundle some ceremonial white sage together into a bunch, a form of candle, and carefully light the end. Place it in an earthenware bowl (or something equally suitable), and somewhere stable and safe. Focus on clearing your mind and allowing all negative thoughts, memories and energy to be gathered at the forefront of your mind. Carefully circle your hands around in the sage smoke to waft it around your body (be careful not to inhale too much) and focus on the smoke taking away all those negative things you gathered at the front of your mind. Finally, carefully carry the sage around the room, allowing the smoke to reach each corner and to bless any objects that may carry negative energy or which are important to you and require cleansing and protection. Draw a cross from corner to corner in the doorway to create a barrier against negative energy entering the room. Be careful not to inhale too much of the smoke or let the room become too smoky. Once you have completed the cleanse, carefully extinguish the sage and save it for future use or if there is a small amount left and you have a fireplace, put the remaining lit sage in the fireplace to burn out. This cleansing ritual is good to use a few times in the year to keep your house cleansed, protected and positive.

It is at this time of year we must allow ourselves to “begin again” and release the pent up negativity before it affects our lives.