Interpreting Dreams

There have been many books published which claim to interpret our dreams.  They rely on symbolism to create a dictionary.  For some people they may be accurate, while for others not accurate.  The reason for this is that we don’t all agree on the meaning of symbols.

Research suggests that our dreams can give us information about our lives, and help to guide us in the right direction.  Some people interpret this as information from the spirit world, guides and helpers or loved ones passed on.  Some may say it is a message from our own higher mind or subconscious.  Maybe it’s a mixture of both.  Whichever works for you, it is worth noticing dreams to see if their contents can help you in some way.

Setting up a system of remembering and recording dreams is the first step.  Keeping a note book and pen by the bed allows you to record the dreams the minute you wake, so that the information doesn’t get lost.

Often we only remember really vivid dreams, but it is possible to catch those other, less prominent ones if you set out with the intention of remembering and then record it as soon as you wake.

Before going to sleep, make a point of speaking out loud or writing down your intention to remember and record your dream.  This will alert your subconscious to let you notice your thoughts as soon as you wake.

If you keep a dream diary for a few weeks you will probably notice patterns and repetitions emerging in your dreams.  When you become aware of this, make a point of spending some time in quiet meditation, allowing the interpretations of the patterns to be revealed to you.

As mentioned before, other people’s interpretations can be found in books and dream diaries.  If you find it helpful, use these as a guide, but always allow your own mind to interpret, and if the interpretations of others don’t feel right, then don’t accept them as relevant to you.

If you are aware of bad dreams occurring frequently, the best way to stop them is by allowing their message to be heard, so that they don’t need to keep being repeated.  Remember that dreams are often symbolic, so don’t automatically assume that they are meant to be taken as premonitions, or literally.  Search your own mind for the interpretations in quiet contemplation and you may be surprised at what help you can gain.