Having the confidence to work with Spirit.

As we are all spirit in a physical body, we all have the ability to work with those people and beings in the spirit world.  People often don’t recognise this because they lack confidence in their own abilities.  They measure themselves against other people and feel inferior.

Of course if you dedicate time to studying, understanding and developing your abilities, it comes easier and you get better at spirit communication, just the same with anything else.  But even if you have only a little time to spend on developing your awareness, there is still a natural understanding of spirit that we all have, in the same way that we understand things that we relate to.

Sometimes, just accepting that we are worthy of spirit communication is enough to remove the barriers we put in place that prevent us from having a clear communication with our guides and loved ones in Spirit.  Because there isn’t a physical aspect to spirit that we can relate to, we depend on faith and trust.  The more we are able to trust, the more encouragement we get from spirit.

Finding the quiet mind that we all are able to achieve when we want to, is an important factor in sensing and communicating with the spirit world.  This can be achieved simply by walking in nature, or sitting quietly in a place where you will remain undisturbed for a short time.  Some people like to play music in the background.   If your mind is very busy, the imagination can be engaged by thinking about something peaceful, like being on a deserted beach or walking quietly through a forest.

A prayer is just a communication that can be directed to God, or a Master like Jesus, or to Angels in general, or a particular angel, or even to a loved one in the spirit world.  It is important to talk to the spirit world, as language is the way that we order our thoughts and express ourselves.

So really there are three important things when developing spirit communication, Trust, A quiet mind turned into your thoughts and prayer.