Why Belong to a Healing Association?

Many people state that it is not necessary to train to become a healer or to belong to an association of healers.  It’s true that we all have the ability to be healers, just by sending out healing prayers, using visualisation techniques to send positive energy to people and even by talking to people.  But if you are a healer and you take a course in healing from one of the many Associations, you are fine tuning your knowledge and your abilities as a healer.

There are many good healing associations.  The Healer Practitioner Association International (HPAI) based in Cardiff, Wales, is one that provides training courses and accreditation for healers, which allows the healer to be covered by insurance.  Insurance is important because we now live in a ‘claims culture’ where we are being encouraged all the time, through Television Advertisements, News Papers and Magazines, and even Phone Calls, to claim compensation for anything we can get away with.  Some people will make accusations against healers, and about healing, and it is good to know that, as long as you haven’t done anything wrong or illegal, you will have an Association behind you and insurance to cover the financial burdens of defending your name and your actions, should that ever be necessary.

The Foundation course offered by the HPAI allows you to gain a greater knowledge, both academic and practical, of subjects like auras, chakras, and healing guides.  There is also a useful section on the systems of the body which helps you to really focus your thoughts on what you are trying to do for the client.

Following the 30 hour foundation course, the new healers can apply to the Association for Probationer member status, which offers them the protection of the association and the necessary insurance to work as long as they are supervised by a full member healer.  The probationer period lasts for nine months, and gives the new healer plenty of time to build their healing experience, so that by the time they are ready to take the assessment, they are confident and effective healers.

While it is accepted that you don’t need to go to all this effort to be a healer, most healers say that it is worth the work put in when you see how your healing abilities grow, and how your confidence increases, and of course there is a real sense of achievement when you receive your certificate, badge and card.