How to Wear a “Give Me Space” Bandana as a Human.

If you are a dog owner, you may have heard of a new campaign involving yellow items on your pet. The Yellow Dog Uk campaign is designed to support dogs who need to be given a wide berth for various reasons (easily stressed, pregnant, ill etc) by attaching a yellow ribbon, bandana or bib to them.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a similar campaign for us bi-pedal companions? If we could wear an item that would encourage people to leave us alone so that our stress isn’t added to? Seeing as there is no such thing, we need to look to other options.

Firstly, we must learn to identify and organise those things in our life that cause us anxiety. A good way to do this is to create lists of things that cause us stress, then categorise those things according to when, where and how they happen. For instance, that document that needs to be on your boss’s desk by Friday is categorised under work and running the vacuum around before your friend comes over is housework. Once you know the source of these stresses, you can begin to section them off so that they are not all on your mind at once. If you finish work at 5pm on Friday, create a ritual in which all work related subjects are left at the office and not even considered over the weekend. This could be as easy as taking off your name badge and leaving it in the drawer, or turning your coffee mug upside down on your desk.

Secondly, don’t be afraid to tell someone that they are asking too much, or to ask for help; “Could you come over half an hour later than we arranged please?” is better than your friend turning up to find you stressed and not-so-sociable. If you bump into someone you know in the street, it’s ok to take their number and tell them you will give them a call later when there is more room in your mind to concentrate on them better.

And finally, if you’re struggling to organise and stick to this theory by yourself, don’t forget there are plenty of guides both on earth and in the spirit world who’ll be happy to help… If you just ask.