The Power of Dreams

Everyone dreams.  According to research everyone dreams every night, it’s part of the sleep cycle.  However, we don’t always remember them. Sometimes when we first wake up, we can remember parts of dreams, but often they fade quickly from conscious memory.

There are different theories of what dreams are.  Psychologists would say they are constructed by the subconscious as it makes sense of information and experiences gained during the day.  Psychics and mediums would say that dreams can be spirit communication and experiences of being in the spirit realms during the body’s sleep state.

There have been many books written about dreams, what they are and how to interpret them.  There are many dream dictionaries available which attempt to interpret the symbolism in dreams.  It isn’t always clear where the interpretations come from, and may be the author’s own individual thoughts. There are very few symbols that are so well know that everyone accepts a universal interpretation, so we have to assume that those kinds of dictionaries are someone’s opinion of how to interpret the symbols.

If you accept the theory that dreams are a combination of the subconscious making sense of information, input from spirit guides, helpers and relatives and experiences of being in the spirit realms, then probably the best interpretation of what it all means is your own intuitive interpretation.  Meditating on the information gained from dreams can often be very enlightening as to the meaning.

It can be useful to keep a dream diary, by having a note pad and pen by the bed so that you can write down your dreams immediately when you wake, preventing them from being lost.  Keeping a dream diary allows you to meditate on the meaning and purpose of the dream.

Those dreams that we all have from time to time of being with those friends, relatives and pets that have gone to the spirit world may be evidence of meetings that have taken place.  Sometimes we know that we are meeting with people in the spirit worlds, but sometimes the dreams are muddled and it is as if the people were still with us on earth.  As the parts of the dreams that are most likely to be remembered are the last few seconds before we wake, it could be that the information gets muddled because we are between the two worlds processing information from both in those few seconds before waking.

Whatever dreams are or aren’t, it can be very useful to our own development, both psychically and as a person, to become more aware of our dreams and what they have to tell us.