Developing Psychic Awareness

Psychic ability is a part of everyone’s birth right. It is one of the senses – sight, sound, touch, taste, smell.  (Psychic means using your mind in a particular way that allows you to become aware of changes in atmosphere, spirit communication, healing abilities etc.)

To be able to use your psychic sense, you need to sharpen up your other senses first, because the psychic sense uses the other five.

Psychic senses can be developed as little or as much as you wish, according to the way you would like to be able to help people.

Your psychic ability is there to help you on your own individual pathway of self-development and to help others.

In order to use your psychic senses, you need to achieve an altered state of awareness, and that can be measured in brain waves.  Some people call it attunement, some people call it the Alpha brain wave level.  It is a level of awareness that sharpens your senses and allows you to turn your attention inwards, to your thoughts and inner awareness.  This is where your psychic senses can be noticed.

Exercises for sharpening up your first five senses.

Exercise 1. Sight.        

At night with no lights on look around you and identify the shapes you can see. Do this inside and outside.  Mentally name the object you see and remind yourself that you are sensitising your sight to all different conditions.

In daylight make sure you spend at least a few minutes a day really noticing everything that is around you. Look at what you see and take in what you see.  We often look unconsciously at our surroundings and miss so much.

Artists see things in a different way because they study closely to be able to reproduce the image.  Take one or two objects and really study them so that you become aware of everything that is visible.

Exercise 2  Sound

At night, spend a few moments really listening to all the sounds you can hear, and identifying each one. Listen with your eyes closed as well as with your eyes open and notice the difference.  You might find that when your attention is not split between sight and sound, you become more aware of sound, or perceive it in a different way.

When you are outside spend a few moments paying attention to all the sounds you hear and identify them.  Try this at night and in the day, and notice the difference.

If you like music, listen to your favourite pieces and see if you can identify the different instruments, and separate out the voices.  Notice the pitch and tone of the voices, and how they change.

When you are at home or at work, remember to spend a few moments of each day consciously listening to what is around you and identifying each little sound you can hear, so that you become more consciously aware of sound.

Exercise 3 Taste.

When you have some food or drink, spend some time really noticing the flavours, it not only makes you more aware of your sense of taste, you will enjoy your food more.  Notice textures as well, and think about how the colours of the food relate to how they taste.

Exercise 4. Smell.

Notice how your food smells, notice the scent of flowers, of other things around you, even people and pets.  Pay attention to what you are noticing. Remember each day to consciously tune your sense of smell.  Most people ignore their sense of smell unless the smell is really strong.

Exercise 5. Touch.

Notice temperature, both of yourself and the rooms you are in.  Notice how the temperature changes throughout the day, and from inside to outside.

Place an ice cube in one hand and put your other hand in warm water.  Close your eyes and notice the difference.

Find a variety of different objects and notice the texture.  Become aware of how they differ.  Spend a few moments each day giving attention to the different textures around you.