Spirit Communication

Many people who have sat in the congregation at churches or audiences at centres or theatres, witnessing a demonstration given by a medium, will have wondered how the medium communicates with those from the spirit world.  Each medium will have a unique way of working.  This is because each medium is an individual with their own unique life experiences, personality and perceptions.  The routines for attuning to spirit may be similar, but how they receive the communications, through symbols, voice, sight or just inspiration will vary.

Attunement is usually achieved through a meditation routine which includes a prayer asking for the help of guides and the cooperation of the spirit world.  Some also include God, or a Great Spirit of some kind in their prayer.  Personal belief will dictate how the prayer is made up.  Prayer is meditation in itself, but a period of quiet reflection to push away all the events of the day and personal issues is necessary to focus on the subtle  communication from spirit.

When this quietness is achieved, those gentle voices in the ear or inside the mind can be heard, pictures seen or perceived and intuitions recognised and separated out from the medium’s own thought processes.  Often the mediums own life experiences will be used in a symbolic way to communicate like information to the recipient of the message.  It is only with practice and trust that the medium learns to have the confidence to communicate the messages to the earthly target.

The American medium John Edward explains how he understands spirit communication, for him being symbolic in nature.  A person older than the recipient of the message from spirit will be perceived as being above, someone of the same age group will be to the side and someone younger will be seen as below.  Names may not always be heard as complete names, but part of the sound of the name may be heard, and this will often be the first part.  This suggests that the actual hearing of information from spirit may quite subtle.

In the case of John Edward, the spirit communicator will often use people and events from his own experiences to help him understand the information he is to communicate.  This allows more information to be given, because symbols are fairly simple, but a lot of information and understanding is available in the translation.

Most mediums will avoid interpreting the information and will just give the impressions they get, leaving the recipient to make sense of the message.  This is usually the most accurate way, because the medium’s interpretation will be from their own experiences, but that may be different from the experiences of the recipient, which could change the message entirely.

Sometimes, people get frustrated that the messages the mediums convey don’t contain full names, addresses, dates of birth and telephone numbers.  In fact sometimes they do, but only if there is an easily understood reference point that can be used.  For example, if a date of birth were to be produced, it may be done if the medium is shown someone from their own life with the same birth date. However for this information to be understood, the medium would need to recognise that it was the date of birth, not the name, or the passing, or some other similar thing, that is being communicated.

Each medium develops their own way of working, and we too can learn to recognise the subtle communications from spirit just by learning to find that quiet place within where we can notice those messages, and the openness to accept what we are seeing, hearing or sensing as being the way spirit is communicating with us.  Development circles run by experienced mediums can help with this process, and are always run in the safety and protection of prayer and guides who are dedicate to helping us achieve spirit communication.