Colours and Healing

Records show that people have been giving meaning to colours for thousands of years, using them for bodily healing and emotional upliftment and as indications of status or of belonging.

Colours are formed from light being separated away from darkness into various different wavelengths and vibrational levels. Each colour has its own vibration. Objects that appear to be black absorb all the light that falls on them, where objects that show as white reflect or bounce back all the light that falls on them. The other colours are variations between these two.

It has been proved that everything has a vibration, including humans. Therefore if you take the vibration of the essence of us and blend in the vibration of a colour, perhaps by wearing it, it is likely that the two things will have an effect on each other.

Colours have been proved to have an emotional effect on humans. Most people if asked will identify the same colours as being warm or cold, or as feeling energising, uplifting, or calming.

There are a few different ways of using colour to heal and help ourselves. As already mentioned, we can wear the colours that we feel have the desired positive effect we require. For example, it red feels as though it is an energising, outgoing colour to wear, then a red jumper, or even a red tie, can give us just enough of the qualities we need to use in any situation where we want to feel confident and focused.

Another way we can use colour to enhance our lives it to use it to decorate our homes. For example, if someone finds blue a very relaxing colour, and they have a stressful life, they may choose to use their preferred shade of blue as part of the decoration of a room in their home that can be used for relaxation.

Flowers are a good way of using colour to enhance mood and promote physical healing. The vibration of the flower itself coupled with the colour often has a beneficial effect, so it is not by accident that we give and receive flowers in times of illness and bereavement.

For those who like to meditate, colours can form a part of the meditation routine by visualising the colours deliberately, or by allowing the colours to come to us through the freedom of letting the mind relax and experience the random thoughts that occur when we allow them to.

Some people choose coloured foods to help their physical and emotional wellbeing, perhaps adding a variety of colours to a meal, or maybe choosing just one or two colours for the meal to get an extra boost of whatever that colour does for them.

Although everyone will have their own unique way of using colour, and interpreting what those colours mean to them, a general indication of what colours mean follows.

Red = energy, power, assertiveness, the physical body.
Orange = emotions, tolerance, patience and emotional balance.
Yellow = the nervous system, upliftment, and developing the mind and intellect.
Green = calmness, stress relief, and energises the immune system
Blue = Understanding, calming the nervous system and general health and healing
Indigo = developing intuition, calming fears.
Violet = inner peace, inspiration and creativity.