Spirit Guides – fact or fantasy?

Most spiritualist organisations accept that spirit guides exist, but different organisations have different theories as to who these are and how they work. Some claim that there are many guides and they change throughout a person’s life time, according to the work they are involved with. Some claim that each person has only one spirit guide, but other spirit helpers come in to help at particular times in a person’s life. This means that one helper would be able to help many people.

Some spiritualist organisations identify spirit guides according to their nationality or role in their life time on earth. Often North American Indians, Nuns, Zulu Warriors etc. will be offered as a way of identifying a particular guide. This not only helps the person to identify and connect with their guide, it also indicates what that guide may come to help with, and how the guide may be able to teach the person they are attached to.

Some people who work for spirit claim they are unable to get any real information about their guide, but that they know there is a guide helping them. This could be because they don’t need to know any more than that, while another person may feel more comfortable knowing a name for their guide and something about who is helping them.

Guides are usually recognised as people who have lived on the earth at some time, or maybe many life times, and are spirits that are more evolved than the person they come to help. Sometimes guides are recognised as members of the person’s family, such as a grandparent, or even a parent, who comes to walk beside the person to help them.

There is as yet no way of scientifically proving that guides exist, but many people who work for and with spirit feel that they have enough proof within their own lives not to need approval or confirmation from anyone else, scientific or not. When this is the case, it doesn’t seem to matter which of the theories is accepted, the end result is the same. Having a guide to guide you is definitely an advantage in life, even more so if you know about it.