Ask the angels

What are angels?  They have been talked about for thousands of years, and are mentioned in many different religions. They have appeared in many paintings and texts.  There have been books written about them. And today they seem more popular than ever, as a source of healing, comfort and support.

Angels are thought to be messengers from God, not human beings but a race in their own right, with their own particular purpose.  They are thought to be spiritual beings, each having a particular purpose.  Some are tuned to healing energies, some to helping bring spiritual enlightenment, some to support in more practical issues of our lives.

Whether they exist or not is really a matter of belief.  No one can actually prove one way or the other at the moment, but those who believe can tell you of the times the angels have helped them, and it is often difficult to find any other explanation than the one they offer.  That an angel helped out.

So why not try it out for yourself? Next time you need some help, whether it be healing help, help to find something that is lost or even just help to find an empty car parking space, ask the angels, and trust that you will get what you want.

Let us know what you find.