Your life beyond this our earthly life – a book by Ronald Charles Hutton

Having just finished reading Ronald Charles Hutton’s book and finding it so interesting that I read it through in one day, I would like to recommend it to others who might not have come across it yet.

Ronald writes in a very honest and sincere way, and although I have never met him, reading his book feels just like having a conversation with him.  He begins by talking a bit about his personal history, and then talks about his experiences of spiritual healing and how he turned from a sceptic, only going along with it to keep his wife happy, to a convert.

Ronald touches on clairvoyance in his book, but mainly dedicates it to experiences of healing, giving and receiving, and astral journeys or OBE’s as he describes them.   He talks about how he was used (willingly!) for healing and counselling while in sleep state, and describes some of his experiences.

Ronald also quotes texts from the Bible throughout the book and shows how messages written all that time ago are still relevant today because they are universal truths.

The book is written in a very simple way making it easy to understand and enjoyable in the same way as an interesting conversation with a friend is. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in hearing about other people’s spiritual experiences.

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